Pallister’s social views

Pallister’s social views don’t represent Manitoban values.

He opposes an inquiry into MMIW and fired a staffer for calling for one. (Winnipeg Free Press, September 12, 2014). He even refused to stand with the Manitoba government to apologize for the 60s scoop.

Pallister had a terrible reputation as the Canadian Alliance (formerly the Reform Party) critic for Indian and Northern Affairs. He “tended to tar everybody with the same brush at times…Phil Fontaine or his predecessors used to get very angry that Brian was feeding this stereotype of First Nations and all aboriginal people” (Hill Times, December 10, 2007).

Pallister also refused to apologize for racist remarks made by his PC Party Youth Wing President, Braydon Mazurkiewich (CBC News, December 18, 2012).

On Women

Why doesn’t Brian Pallister stand up for women?

Pallister opposes a woman’s right to choose. He wants to make women pay out of pocket for this essential service (The Interim, October 13, 1998).

A member of the last Conservative government in Manitoba, Pallister called one of his critics “feeble-minded” – turns out she only has a PhD (MB Hansard, May 29, 1996).

A former Canadian Alliance MP, Pallister thought the federal PCs were too “Progressive.” He called them “whiny” and “bitchy”, a party with “PMS” (Globe & Mail, December 8, 2000).

As an MP, Pallister recommended ending Employment Insurance benefits for compassionate care and parental leave (Montreal Gazette, June 12, 2004).

A member of Stephen Harper’s government, he developed a reputation for making offensive remarks about women in the House of Commons: “You might be a doctor or a nurse; improve your chances by stripping first” and “She isn’t quite sure if she’s coming or going” (HOC Hansard, December 9, 2004).

Pallister had curious reasoning for his comments about women: “Pallister said he was ‘copping what’s known as a woman’s answer [...] It’s sort of a fickle kind of thing’ ” (Winnipeg Free Press, December 10, 2005).

On Same Sex Marriage

Pallister can’t hide his disdain for same-sex marriage – he thinks it’s too important an issue: “I don’t know if it’s likely we will encounter a more important debate in our generation” said Conservative MP Brian Pallister (Hill Times, February 14 – 20, 2005).

Pallister does not think we should treat all relationships equally and called same-sex marriage “a social experiment” (HOC Hansard, March 24, 2005).

Pallister doesn’t think the right to marry whom one loves is a human right (HOC Hansard, March 24, 2005).

He’s on the record saying that same-sex marriage is bad for children (HOC Hansard, March 24, 2005).

Pallister opposed same sex-marriage because he claimed it threatened religious freedom – and now he opposes anti-bullying laws for gay and lesbian students for the same reason. “One of [Pallister’s] main criticisms [of Bill 18] is that approving gay-straight alliances infringes on the rights of faith-based schools” (Steinbach Carillon, Februay 4, 2015).

Pallister’s Team

Pallister surrounds himself with like-minded candidates on the issues that matter most to them: women’s health and same-sex marriage.

Ron Schuler, PC candidate for St. Paul: would pull funding from clinics that provide abortion services if ever in government (Wpg. Sun March 20, 2006).

James Teitsma, PC Candidate for Radisson: “former director with the Association for Reformed Political Action, or ARPA, a national group...The group has protested abortion, fought against same-sex marriage and lobbied against a provincial law that requires schools to allow support groups for gay students” (CBC December 15, 2014).

Andrew Micklefield, PC Candidate for Rossmere: spoke against allowing an anti-bullying bill for LGBT students in schools (Winnipeg Free Press, September 4, 2013).

Brian Pallister wants Manitobans to believe he doesn’t have a secret agenda. But why is his party nominating a team of candidates that oppose rights for women and same-sex couples?